A painting and flooring business run by master craftsmen in Wedel

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow dot. Others transform a yellow dot into a sun.”
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our work.
In the second generation, we have been maintaining, designing and renovating properties for over 60 years.
The following pages are illustrated in various ways to give you an impression of what we do.
Perhaps you have the feeling that we see ourselves as a team. Our goal is achieved if you feel in very good hands at the time of the creation and after the completion of your project.
We are committed to your needs: If you are satisfied, we have done our job well!

Yours sincerely
Matthias Gehm

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And that for more than 60 years!

Wedel, May 17, 2021: It is a success story that began during the economic miracle. When the master painter Hans-Jürgen Gehm from Wedel founded his business in 1961, the development of the republic was still in full swing after the destruction of the war. Good craftsmanship was in demand – and it still is 60 years later.

Because now Matthias Gehm, the founder’s son and also a master of his trade, was able to celebrate the company’s milestone birthday together with his team. It goes without saying that Thomas Dohrn, foreman of the painters’ guild, insisted on dropping in personally to congratulate them. He presented the honorary certificate and a gift basket with delicacies to the proud managing directors.

Together with his wife Magdalena, Matthias Gehm has been running the company for 27 years now. Indispensable: Veit Reuter, general manager and painter and master varnisher, Maik Kürschner, certified foreman in the painting and varnishing trade and Birgit Zimmermann in the office. And just as important are of course the now 21 employees plus three trainees, who all have one thing in common: quality in their work is their top priority.


Beaming faces at the anniversary: Guild foreman Thomas Dohrn (from left) congratulated the Gehm team Birgit Zimmermann, Veit Reuter, Matthias and Magdalena Gehm and Maik Kürschner. Photo: Frenzel


“We have really good people together. I would like to thank every member and the many customers who have been loyal to us, some of them for decades. We would not be successful without all of them,” says Matthias Gehm.

The company carries out all painting, flooring and drywall work. “Thanks to our very good network of colleagues from other trades, we can also organize scaffolding, plumbing, electrical engineering, carpentry and other work and, if desired, also coordinate it,” reports Matthias Gehm.

It is very important for him that every customer is given the same attention. His customer base includes private individuals, building and property management companies, commercial and medical facilities as well as municipalities and other public clients. Whether school, town hall or gym – in Wedel there is probably no municipal building in and on which the painter Gehm has not worked at least once over the years.

Nice anecdote: At the beginning of the 1970s, company founder Hans-Jürgen Gehm concluded a framework agreement with the Mobil Öl refinery to carry out painting work. This business relationship continued uninterrupted until the plant was closed. The refinery is now history, but the company is now active again at the same location, the Business Park Wedel, near the Elbcubes, which are currently being built on the former refinery site.

So that the work can continue and the company (hopefully) will continue to exist in another 60 years, we are constantly looking for new recruits. The stable and very good order situation calls for more employees and meanwhile even high school graduates have recognized that the trade has golden soil and are starting their training there. (Jörg Frenzel/kommunikateam GmbH, August 3, 2021)